If you knew Suzy? Or the last chance saloon.

The hero’s Tony and Ray walked into town 2km and back to shop yesterday and so we had home cooking rather than sausage and frites from the restaurant on site. It was however very good for breakfast providing croissants coffee juice and jam for 5euros. A good new Municipal Camping only open 2years, which is good to see.
After that we walk off to see Suzy a small village where there’s a current campsite with a restaurant so no need for shopping or carrying food as no shops in Suzy. Rain is forecast for an hour or two and duly materiallises. Well done BBC and Norwegian weather. We don rain wear under Picardy roses of which there were plenty. But we have dry tents packed and it brightens up later. Meanwhile it is cool walking. Though the picnic table in St Nicholas was not quite ready for us.
Ray spots some more orchids at the roadside at the start of the days ascent, about 100m but we are not used to it and the temperature is rising now
The only. possible downside is the site is themed as wild west, reception is the saloon our emplacement is Moonville opposite is Cisco. We wonder what we will be fed this evening.
More news tomorrow when we have a short walk to the city of Laon.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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