Better Laon than never!.

15km Suzy to Laon campsite.
Well the wild west theme site is actually a very good site. We get evening meal and breakfast there and head off on Tony’s route to Laon. It is brilliant soon we are on a ridge above the surrounding area and soon followed by a path of iffy quality a the base of an escarpment.
Through the woods here is well supplied with insects and we soon meet a predator doing his best to decrease the numbers. Betsy believes him a frog but declines the true test Ray and Tim believe him a toad as he waddled off and declined to hop.
We are soon on the final stretch of road and cross a main dual carriageway to see the road into the campsite is now wired off (high quality fence too). We start twalk round it adds over a km this is bad psychology and we are hot and bothered when we get to a pitch.
The town and cathedral are. well worth a visit, the cathedral in particular is cool and free of bling. But has much wonderful stone carving in and out. On the way back we have some very good expensive beer and see the gate threw which Roland, whose sculpture we saw in Roncesvalles, left to fight the Moors in 778CE after argument with his uncle Charlemagne.
In the campsite we meet for the third time our French walking friend who may come to dinner if he understands Ray’s invitation.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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