Rainbows and showers. Villeneuve to Saint Maurice. 26km 380m to 420m

We pile out of the tents at 6.30 to be greeted by a double rainbow up the valley towards the GT St Bernard Pass. It must be raining somewhere, it is in Villeneuve when we get there. A good Petit Dejuner in a café near the station. Bread jam croissants coffee OJ. Much better value than yesterday in Montreux
The walking is flat and easy alongside the super Swiss trains and then up the bank of the swift full flowing Rhone. There are lots of industrial units but they are not obtrusive and we progress quickly to Aigle.
We decline the route up through the vineyards and stay on the valley bottom. Apart from cafes and bars Aigle has a weird little park of moving sculptures and old railway stock. Strange mixture with eagles thrown in for good measure. Tony nearly gets a haircut from his namesake but thinks his usual one back home offers be better deal. (Jane)
After cool cloudy comfortable walking we get rain just as we restart after lunch. All don waterproofs it is expected. It stops after a few hundred metres! Waterproofs off Water proofs on it’s started again. Ray rebels it rains harder he looses. We have a few km in nice cool rain.It stops just before we reach St Maurice with it’s 600CE abbey. We get pilgrim stamps for our collections and admire the glass, mosaics and paintings in the church
The swift efficient Swiss train whisks us up the valley to Martigny. Where quite obviously we have not arrived yet.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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