Cows urination and Humid Forest. St. Maurice to Montigny 16-17km opinions differ, Ray and Tim got a little off route. 420m to 480m.

Today we arrive in Montigny where we have been sleeping on the convenient campsite for the last two nights! It is a pleasant walk up the Rhone in the rain and would be shady if the sun was out. Before leaving St.Maurice we have a croissant and coffee with Mme.Lafarge at Café de la Gare. Also spotted in a shop window the book we should have bought as we entered Switzerland.
We wander up unfrequented lanes in intermittent showers. Ray has learnt his lesson in our battle with the rain god. Tim tries to bluff him but soon retires, there is low cloud and light near continuous rain but it’s warm, no problems. We reach various small towns independently having become separated and note the notices of Fermé en vacances in the windows of at least three cafés. We guess this is holiday prior to coming back for high season.
Shortly after reuniting in the Relais des Copains a good truck stop charging primarily in euros and with a well priced menu de jour,we get to the fine waterfall we have noted from the train, Cascade de Pisse-vache we then enter the woods at the side of the valley which described on signs as forêt humid and are a last stronghold of the Crappaud Sonneur variously translated as the firebellied toad or the bellringing toad. Sadly we fail to find one but get a few mosquito bites.
Near by the waterfall we meet a fantastic beetle on a purple water hydrant! a bit Lewis Carrol this.
We finally ease our way back into Montigny over an ancient wooden bridge well looked after with modern bolts and braces. In town Tony leads the way to The Brit Pub. This is not misplaced patriotism though England is still in the world cup. We have BOGOFF coupons from the campsite. Betsy drops off over her beer and her second is drunk by the rest.
The rain has stopped time for quiet washing and resting back on the campsite.
Betsy says we have walked 1001.9km since starting so she is entitled to a quick nap!

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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