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Confessions of a Wimp

Well, its Thursday, normal day out with the Mendip Ramblers, and instead of being in the car heading for the walk start somewhere to the west of Axbridge, I am still at home. My excuse is that the weather forecast is fairly grim and its a very long way to go to get piss wet through and cold when I can do that at home. There is a walk on tomorrow, from Stratton, finishing at the pub for lunch, so I might do that, but not bother about the pub.
I am not too short on excercise - it has been a busy week, starting with the Ramblers Quiz last Friday,a coffee morning for the Air Ambulance on Saturday morning, and then dancing the evening away at the Village Barn Dance. For this, we had a wonderful caller, who managed to coax even the least willing onto the floor, and sang to us in between dances while we got our breath back. The supper went well - so much was left that a number of people were able to take doggy bags away, and I have been feeding sausage rolls to the birds all week.
On Monday, the Brownies got out the Time Machine they made the previous week, and we all went back to the 90s. The leaders found their memories somewhat challenged for that decade and ended up mostly thinking about girl bands. We are hoping to find more excitement in the 80s, next week. Before that, I think some serious repair may be needed on the Time Machine; something is needed to augment the gaffer tape (seems to be the non stick variety) and I hope plentiful parcel tape will do the trick and avert a catastrophe!

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