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A Mystery Solved

For several days now I have been waiting for my peas to come up. I noticed that there seemed to be small holes along the row, but couldn't work out why, unless they were the original holes from where I pushed the pea seeds in. A few days ago I thought I saw a seedling starting to emerge, but there was no sign of it the next day, so assumed I was mistaken. Then, at last, while watering, I found a real seedling. The following morning I found two things - a fat pigeon wandering apparently aimlessly around the garden, and my seedling, neatly pulled out and laid beside the row. I think we have a pea thief. I told Morris, but she says its too much bother in this hot weather, and could I open another pouch of cat food!

We had a lively time last night, as an all woman team for the local pub quiz. We came second, largely due to Sue's encyclopaedic knowledge.  The picture round was a page of logos to identify, a good idea, but one which completely floored us all.

With nothing better to do on Saturday night, I watched the Eurovision Song Contest. So bad its almost good. Actually the standard of songs was better than usual, but some of the acts were quite mad. Engelbert Humperdinck had a very pleasant song, but what with being first up, and the political voting, it barely got off the stating blocks. At least we did better than Norway. In fact Norway did quite well this year - for them - they still came bottom, but they got a few points. Graham Norton is not quite as unrestrainably rude (and funny) as Terry Wogan, but managed a few very neat comments. Does any country take it seriously?

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