It ain’t ‘alf hot mum!

It was hot when we arrived in Geneva yesterday. It was still pretty warm at 11.15pm when we walk out to the lake to see the fountain which stopped as we got there (switching off time) It’s still hot today. We walked over the bridge to the old quarter and found out more than we needed in the museum under the cathedral about just how old it all is. Very. Bits of pre Roman stuff excavated down there and everything else up to 16th C.
The cathedral is relatively austere inside as befits the home church of Calvin but with a load of misericords under the choir stalls to tempt Betsy into photographic overdrive.
We meet up with the rest of the gang outside where a proto riot is gradually dispersing. And wander down to Jardin Anglais and have a nice but ridiculously expensive lunch. And a ride back across the lake to our room in the Geneva City Hostel no Aircon (no pool no bar no pets, ain’t got no cigarettes).
Off on the bus to Coeurmayeur tomorrow to start walking on Friday.

Link to where we are on Google Maps