Day 5. Trient to Argentiere.

We start early as breakfast is on offer from 6.30 although queuing for loos consumes some time we are walking at 7.15. Straight off we are ascending, up through woods it is cool and consequently much easier. A thousand metres up later at 10.15 we are on Col de baume with its cafe/refuge where coffee is had with some fantastic views. Tony then inveigles everyone including Ann, much against her will up Aiguillette de posets where we sit in a cool breeze for packed lunches from the Auberge de Mont Blanc.
The descent into the valley in which Chamonix lies and where we will walk tomorrow is lengthy 1200 m of descent to the first bar at Auberge De Boerne were even the ladies are on large ones!
Resuscitated we wander down a path by the torrent of glacier melt and arrive in Argentier proper and Hotel La Couronne. With our own ensuite facilities today

Link to where we are on Google Maps