You wait for an hour then two come along!

Well a great last night congratulating each other and one final day to get back to Bristol. After breakfast in the Hotel Croux we make our way to the front of the convention centre and the Coeurmayeur bus station to wait for the 9.35 bus to Geneva. We wait. It is late we check we are where we should be, countless Arriva local buses come and go. The hotel confirms Flixbus are often late. About 10.30 the 10.35 Flixbus arrives we put the luggage on and we take the luggage off as the 09.35 Flixbus arrives and the driver wants us on the right bus with our luggage in the right compartment. We set off for Mont blanc tunnel only 1.10hr late and a quick panic over.
At the tunnel us Non Schengen people have their passports taken for checking. Damn Brexit! The bus waits the seats are comfortable the air con functions and we have a late flight in Geneva due to the cancellation of multiple flights. The possible visit to CERN is receding into the background.

Link to where we are on Google Maps