Day2 Arouva to La Foule. Via the grand ferret.

A second very comfortable night in the Hotel Croix. We all, except maybe the indefatigable Paul are glad to turn in especially as the virtues of the early bus are now appreciated by all (maximize the ascent in the cooler early day). The hotel staff are excellent helpful but unobtrusive and breakfast is on time or early in the morning.
At breakfast this morning Ray related his dream of the night (he tends toward meaningful remembered dreams) this involved him holding an old 2CV from rolling down hill so it could be turned into an oven! Interpretation welcome.
We now feel we are old hands re bus transport and are lined up masked and clutching pre purchased tickets when it arrives at 3mins to 8.
A rapid transport to Arouva and we are on the ascent of the Col de Grand Ferret and the border with Switzerland. There are no customs as Switzerland is in Schengen even though sadly we are not. Up here there is a flock of sheep and their shepherd with his dogs the view down the ferret valley and Mont Dolont are great.
It is how ever a long way down to La Fouly, the flora changes, Paul and good few others are spotting all sorts of interest. Including a fragrant orchid and probably Bulbocodium vernum a not quite autumn crocus but smaller, and lots of different gentians including the great yellow (mostly gone over), the purple gentian and one of the small blue ones of so many types even Paul was confused.
We were not the only ones interested in flowers. These hives were humming!
This post from the first pub down in La Fouly. It’s still hot!

Link to where we are on Google Maps