To Villadangos del Paramo

20.08.08 Wednesday.

Leon to Villadangos del Paramo.

Richard rises this morning to discover flea bites on both of his shoulders. We assume that he has received these from his pillow overnight and inform the albergue guardian. He takes this very seriously and says that the whole room will be fumigated asap. If they don’t deal with problems like this then it spreads like wildfire up the camino. He shows us a newspaper article about another albergue that had to be closed down completely when it became infested.
The Paramo bit of the name today means the ‘bleak plain’. We can tell from this that the day will be much as the previous, it is. We decide since both Richard and Ray will not make it to Compostella this year that in view of their difficulties and our aim to arrive on the same day as our good ladies, that an easy day of 24km is reasonable. We complete some of the most boring walking we have yet done along the main road to Astorgas by 1130 and check into the Municipal albergue with some relief. Progress was only made possible by chatting and trying to learn some more French from Richard. Washing done we wander round the village dodging lorries on the main road and visit the little church dedicated to St James. It has an altar piece featuring him in his incarnation as the Matamoros (moor-slayer). We have lunch and retire for siesta as there is nothing else to see or do. Another day of this to Astorga and the topography at least becomes more interesting.
Ray’s Bit. Sitting on my bunk after siesta writing this, with the afternoon sounds of the hostel.,voices from Spain ,Italy,France and even English, discussing the important things in pilgrim life, washing clothes , showers, yesterday’s fleas,how to get coffee from the coffee machine without sugar how far today, have tomorrow, the cheeping of little sparrows. The heat of the midday is declining and a gentle breeze comes thorough the window to disturb the flies. Of the spiritual dimension nothing is heard, ymlaen ir
Santiago ac iechyd da I bawb.

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