Last day in santiago.

03.08.08 Wednesday.Santiago de Compostela. We have been in our cosy little appartement in Santiago for 2 days now, small but comfortable as long as everyone breathes asynchronously. We have all done the cathedral, pilgrims twice, and the museum of peregrinations, there is a phenomenal amount of carved stone around the town as well as on the cathedral, if old buildings and wood and stone carving are your thing then this place is well worth a visit, the thousand years of pilgrimage to the reliquaries of St James even if the story was almost certainly manufactured have produced a town full of  the efforts of human endevours. In several places the old and the new have been put together with a degree of sensitivity unusual in any cities today. It is also very used to visitors and you could probably find someone to try to understand you even if you only spoke Martian!  We have not had any sun since arriving here and last night a significant amount of rain. We have eaten out mostly and there are a huge number of eating establishments, notable mentions for Café Conga  rue de Conga,  coffee con letche 1 euro with fresh orange juice and a mini croissant thrown in free, and  Casa Monolo in Plaza de Cevantes  possibly the ultimate pilgrim eatery with big portions for 8.5euros for the standard 3 courses with wine and certainly a place where you are likely to meet as we did  many people we had met along the Way. Tomorrow we start for Finisterre and in keeping with our experience so far the rain should stop as maybe it does not fall on the righteous?