A river bed too far.

Aboloduy to Alba 9hours 18.5miles and 1200metres of ascent We are tired!
We need an early start so up at 5.45 breakfast and walking just before the light up the river bed of the Nacimiento a dry tributary of the Andarax. We are warned by the Pilgrim information lady and the guide booksnot to keep to the river bed but climb up as indicated by the arrows. We do it is steep but by now full light. after a while we look down to see green growth and inpenetrable thickets and rock with occasional views of water deep in a gorge. After passing quite a few deer and some olive groves and an almost equally steep descent we walk down the river bed through walls of dry bamboo and some very old tamarisk we reach the town of Nacimiento, which gives the other its name we are unsure about. But the coffee is welcome.
We have covered about a third pf the days distance. We now continue up the dry river to Alba spotting a Zebra Swallowtail butterfly and quite a few flowers there is marginally more water about but the whole region is suffering from  drought and unwatered old olive trees appear to be dying in some places.
Eventually after two more very necessary beer stops we weave our way into Alba a fair sized town for the area with three potential lodgings. We try for the farest away as recommended but are told by locals outside a bar that it is closed on Saturday so reverse to next on list who are full but phone up Mira Sierra Hostal the one supposedly closed who open up for us. Just another day on Camino.
We wash and crash.

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  1. Now you guys, that looked like a decent day out. Hope you all rest well for tomorrow's pasting. Enjoy reading the blog, keep it going. What about those poor pigeons.
    Rooting for you all.

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