A grand day out

Quentar to Granada. 12 miles of suberb walking.
The somewhat tired status of most members of the party may have led to some omissions in yesterday’s account. We certainly failed to menrion the extensive area of collection of pine resin, though we have not discovered what it is used for.
A comfortable night in a “donativo” alburgue for a strongly suggested 10 euros. The town has two good bars, in the first the lads got stuck into tapas and the obligatory beer while Betsy nursed her blisters.
Happily today is a much shorter distance than yesterday and after the inevitable bit up out of town we are on a high ridge of flowers including several species of orchids. After a while during which we go up and down a bit we descend through olive groves into a delightful valley in which a pair of nightingales are singing. So involved are they in their courtship that we even catch a glimps of one.
This is where we idle about no one wishing to leave the area,lunch we have brought with us and half of alof each with cheese and tomato is a bit much for some. Unusually there is a stream in the bottom and we cross and recross it in a haze of blooms. Suddenly we round a corner and we see Granada and the Alhambra ahead only 10 miles since the breakfast bar. Time for a beer. The clouds have cleared and we may catch a last view of the Sierra behind the Alhanbra in a kilometre as we saunter into town.
A kilometre further under the towers of the Alhambra we reach “civilization” the first selfie stick since starting in Almeria. Jane and Ann arrive tomorrow we have a pension and are installed. Two days in Granada await.

Link to where we are on Google Maps