Wot no fleshpots.

Peza to Quenta 16 miles Up 1300m down 1450m max altitude 1450m.
Quite a tough day acroos lovely scenery though multiple different flora zones. A small memorial with our lady of the snows is over the 1300m mark and guide books warn against this route in snow. Happily our weather is perfect. Starting with olives and almonds around 900m and changing to holm oak and then to pine above 1200m there is continual floral interest. The eternal snows are still in the background and a cherry orchard a little way down the main descent evoking thoughts of Terry Pratchets Thief of Time.
Also spotted were a zebra swallowtail Tony’s deer, lots of hellebores in shady cold spots a flight of jays noisily overhead but almost no people. Three cyclists and one man in a pick up visiting a very distant casa. There were no bars so it is a caffeine less day.
The final quarter of the marathon was signaled by passage through the claimed largest marble quarry in Andalucsia. The descent into Quentar from there of 300m or so produces a few aches in most and we are relieved as temperatures rise on descentto arrive at a very fine alburgue.

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