A Scent of Olives!

Alcaudete to Baena. 15 miles not a huge amount up and down.
Yesterday we arrived in Alcaudete whose citzens wecomed us and allowed us to use their sports hall to sleep in, many thanks, after they had finished with it. About 11 pm. Since we have a slightly longer day ahead this has somewhat limited sleep. Still it was free not even a box for donativo,and this does not appear to be a wealthy town. Although there is a large AstroTurf football stadium and the usual Moorish citadel is well cared for.
We start early as a bar down the street opens at 5.30 .
There is nothing except 2 lakes between us and our destination today. Oh and a lot of olive trees . The lakes are both dry. The flowers are beautiful much less Rape flower and more varietied of daisy. Wiild Iris. Many more of the purple orchids and loads of poppy and daisy meadows. Eventually after many hectares of olives we see the crushing factory and the spoil heap providing much of the aroma and the hill with our destination. A last cruel twist is thst the alburgue on Tony’s Tom tom is only 800m away but up the 45degree streets to virtually the top wnhere the church and convent reside.
The town has s strong Moorish heritage and we get lunch in the main square in a fine porticated building for 10 € each including wine. A sleep is now essential.

Link to where we are on Google Maps