Roman arround the countryside.

Santa Cruz to Cordoba. 17miles a bit undulating.
Jane and Ann are deputed to get to Cordoba by any means and find us lodgeings for two nights. As the A team they take the bus and manage to book into the youth hostel.
The way is less olive groves and much more cereal and sunflowers. We see many bee eater flocks several Stonechats and a whole circle of kites mostly black. The route gets tedious afer a while, a turning undulating dirt track although the thistles whose last years grey wraiths have littered the hedgerows are coming into their brief castelated magnificence and plenty of daisys and tansy are in bloom. We are promised another Roman bridge, even the guidebook says it is hidden and some great bustards. Eventually Tim trips over some rather large apparently shaped stones in the bushes. It is not impressive.
Towards 1400 we descend into the river valley with Cordoba over the river, there is a great bustard flying about, no it is a helicopter inspecting electric pylons. There are still 3km to go till the bridge to the old cathedral converted from a large mosque after the reconquista. The doors at least retain their original moorish shape and we pass by on our way the youth hostel. Ray claims not to be a youf anymore but is told it doesn’t matter any more.
We get out but it is May day holiday the city is rammed with tourists and no normal shops are open. We get royally ripped off for a poor lunch but hey ho its tourist town.

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