Olives and flowers and maybe the last of the snows.

Pinos Puente to Moclin. 10.7 miles 970m of ascent
In the shed that was a forestry headquarters we were visited by Pablo, El Presidente. The head of the section of the Camino Mozarabe from Granada to Cordoba. He has a special interest in this his local alburgue and is keen to up grade it as and when donativos allow.
He confirms our thoughts about today as a short vicious beautiful walk. Like a scorpion with a sting in the tail. Up to the bar in town recommended by Paco and up out of town37.33683   -3.75210 and steadily up through many hectares of olives very well cared for and many venerable old trees. Looking back we can still see the eternal snows of the Sierra floating above the haze of the plain around Granada.
The walk steepens and we are walking once again through a wide variety of flowers at the edge of the olive groves but soon descend steeply into a gorge with the village of Olivares for a beer before our ascent of over 300m to Moclin with its Arab Castle.
We arrive hot and tired after the steep climb up just as the Ajuntamiento with pilgrim info is closing The bar is opposite but the Casa Rural is just at the top of the hill. This is a rather vertical little town clinging under the arab castle on the top of the hill. Visits only on weekends we discover, it would have been worthwhile. Lunch in the bar in town is good and enlivened by two cats one a ginger tom the othe withe same markings but monochrome.

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