Tales of Arabian days.

Granada a rest day.
We don’t sleep well except Tony who claims his usual 8-9hours unconsciousness. There is a party in the street till 4am. Really must learn to time arrival in Spanish cities for Tuesday or Wednesday. Not weekend.
We have as yesterday a bit of a wander around until Jane and Ann arrive from Malaga on the bus. They are here just in time for lunch and back to our friendly if noisy Pension Hidalgo. An hidalgo is a ancient christian nobleman of Spain, but without any land or money. Mostly very proud but poor.
We find open on Sabado only, some Arab Baths. The first we have been able to see. They are interesting even without the lady reading aloud Cervantes Don Quixote. The water pipes are pottery in about 14 inch sections.
A great place to just wander about and take photos.

Link to where we are on Google Maps