Left wing sculpture and the long walk.

Granada to Pinos Puente. 12.5miles Flat acros the plain.
Now swollen to six our little band of pilgrims leave Granada and wander out of the outskirts , the outer layers as convoluted as a flamenco dancers skirts so at one point straying off piste for coffee we resort to the electronic assistance so well organised by Tony and soon are back on track. The track becomes a dead straight road alongside the railway line. We can see our probable destination some 4or 5 miles ahead. This is not good pschologically for our new recruits and there is little of interest to distract, except a few Clouded yellows and a Red Admiral.
Shortly ouside Granada is the small townn of Atarfe where we get beer but more impressively a huge sculpture on a roundabout. Ray and Tim agree it is one of the best exampled of official roadside art they have seen . With a decidedly left wing aspect vaguely reminiscent of the hammer and sickle
Eventually, none to soon for Ann we reach Pinos Puente and get to the Bridge of the Virgins and turn up the road to the right to reach the donativo alburge in a shed past the noisy dogs, some of whom are friendly and one, chained, who we are warned about.This is definitely on the primitive side but with a hot shower and toilet in the yard.
We get a good Menu de Dia in Crux de Granada just off the round about on the main road and find an open supermecado to get an evening nibble. Just another day on Camino.

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