Ruined Romans and Oranges in Olive groves.

Mayday Castro del Rio to Santa Cruz
Today is not a big day there are two routes to Cordoba which is 39km away with nothing in between or a stop in Santa Cruz with the small town of Espeja for second breakfasts on the way. The ubiquitous olive groves give a little ground to occasional field of grain and sunflowers. We see Espeja a couple of km away inevitably on a hill and there is a choice of routes, an elderly Spaniard with his turkeys directs us but the first bar is closed we are waved away. Climbing up the hill we reach the second bar fortunayely open and having won the first prize in , as Ray puts it, the cross dressing contest. This stirring memories of yesterdays police station causes others to question whether cross dressing is approved for the Policia in Spain. A little like well dressing and Morris dancers back home.
Either way it is a grand little bar and sets us up for the rest of the day.
The rest of the day passes with multiple sightings of bee eaters another Woodchat shrike and a big green blue lizard on a quick dash across the track in front. On the more permanent sightings a roman bridge down the hill from Espeja which looks its age but still looks like a bridge. A deviation from the route to avoid the wet and mug and we end with a day that is no shorter than normal. We see a restaurant on entering town and with few others on route we break the rule of accommodation first and have a damn good Sunday lunch. This may have been a good decision as the whole population of the area follows us in.

Link to where we are on Google Maps