Snakes alive!

Baena to Castro del Rio 13.5 miles gentle up and down.
A gentle walk planned today. Over the hill in olive groves and down into a river valley. Mostly metalled road but little used until about 1300hrs when all those working in the olive groves start to head for home lunch and siesta. We pass a man on a caterpillar tractor and harrow whose skill in braking one track at row end to line himself up for the next row of sunflowers is admired by all.
Also heard or seen allong the way are more hoopoes occasional bee eaters a buzzard and a small but alive viper of some description. Plus a new orchid and a good few ducks along the river valley that actually contains a river. .
As we enter the town via a herd of goats holding up trafficis we are directed by a wonderful ex pilgrim lady in rapid Spanish to the alburgue and then the local police station for the keys. She finishes her explanation and her account of her February Camino with the almost ritual ” is there anything you need”. A wonderful welcome.
The police station or local nick, when we find it , identified only by a police car outside is a moorish style courtyard with a cross decorated with red flowers ready for celebrations for Mayday tomorrow.
A fairly easy day and a comfortable quiet bed.

Link to where we are on Google Maps