Orchids and olive groves.

Alcala la Real to Acaudete. 14 miles 500m up. 700m down.
A beautiful days walk through the olive groves. Many square miles of it with loads of different flowers iincluding various wild herbs and a slow worm in the road still alive when we put it into the grass.
There is a town half way and Ytony impesses by spotting the bar round the corner from the route, when asked how, he had spotted the empty crates out the back. A pair of hoopoes fly off in front of us, the best view yet althuogh we have heard them around every day. One of the flowers we spot is a rare orchid a Birds nest orchid with a symbiotic fungus.
We pass under the main road that we are following at a distance via a stream tunnel fortunately little more than a trickle is currently flowing though.
Eventually after a lot of rolling olive groves we descend into Acaudete without a view of the everlasting snows. We may have seen the last of the Sierra Nevada. Tony expertly guides us to the sports hall at the back of the football pitch and we get let into the changing rooms where Serge , a kiwi is already in residence. We are admitted to one small room but assured we can spread out after everyone has left.
A short way off from Acaudete we come across a large number of men drilling a hole in the ground for water.

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