Flying creatures and the everlasting snows.

Moclin to Alcala de Real 14 miles 700m ascent 600m descent.
We say goodbye to the eternal snows of the Sierra a fantastic view from up here and start the long descent into the olive groves along the military route taken by the Reys Catolicos during the cature of Granada. Quite an intimidating route as looking back the pass we ascended through is guarded by the castle and its two outlying watchtowers.
The eternal snows disappear from view and reappear and disappear as we pass up and down through the olive trees and flowers. At one point we end up on the wrong side of the green lane/stream bed that in past was the route and a short retrace is needed for those not foolish enough to climb two fences and the undergrowth between. The route is generally well marked by the usual yellow arrows some faded and some have never been complete but are obvious.
Tony spots probably a Golden Oriole but it is gone before verification. We also see a young Serin at the side of the track unconcerned ny our approach and possibly not destined to pas on its genes.
We climb up into the village of Hermita Nueva or Cequia (two villages combined years ago), one of the more agricuturally aromatic places we have called at due to its chicken farm and goat shed in close proximity. But it has a bar with a nice terrace and a possibly last view of the eternal snows!
An early lunch of bread and cheese, in a memorial for a glider pilot!, gives us enough strength to reach our destination of Alcala la Real but not before a last look at the Sierra Nevada, probably.
 A last note, a Zebra Swallowtail and a set of Painted Ladies completed the journey just outside Alcada la Real, quite a sizeable town.

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