Into the mists of Avalon.

We rise at 3.30AM and are conveyed courtesy ofJane to the airport near Merlins cave. Where courtresy of modern electronics Easyjet blast off through the clouds rising rapidly above them into clear sky. We emerge two and a half hours later into a warm land with wisteria in bloom and a small sharp rain storm.
We find some lunch early in a corner cafe.And recall or look up Rincon Spanish for corner. The bus we are on for the hundred or so miles up the coast is at 1pm and takes four hours. But there is a half hour break and the bus keeps diving off the main road to pick up more passengers. We have a good price 11 € each as we are a group booking.
All knees groan climbing down the steps after the first two hours.
We continue along the coast towards Almeria gaining respect for our driver as we go down more rabbit holes into tiny bus stations and back up serpentine roads to regain the motorway.
Eventually we arrive in Almeria at the new bus/rail station with the beautifully refurbished old station frontage next door.
After a frenetic march through town we find the Hotel Perla were we are booked for 2nights in a 4bed room that works out at 12.5 € per person per night.
So soon it will be beer oclock and tomorrow we find our pilgrim passports.

We’re of to see the wizard.

We are starting and are gathered.
At Tony and Jane’s now having picked up Ray at Bristol Parkway. We fly at 6.30 tomorrow from Bristol to Malaga.
Followed by a bus to Almeria.
We have a day there to get our Pilgrim passports and then aleap off into the hinterland.
Tony the IT wizard has got the blog as he is happy with.

Link to where we are on Google Maps