28.06.14 Saturday Pechon to Perdueles.
Today we don’t want to go too far Ray needs a recovery day, there are limits to what Voltarol and Compeed can achieve. Heavy rain is forecast for the afternoon and it is always nice to have a patch of dry ground under the tent. So a merr 18 km is arranged the site has 2014 prices on the internet so it probably exists. The night was dry the tents nearly and Ray feels good so off we go. We can see the edge of the Picos de Europa and rapidly cross over the border from Cantabria to Asturias. It is cloudy and cool so us northern Europeans are racing along. The coast route not only hasthe Camino and the littlwcaostal slow train that brought Geof to us yesterday but until today there has also been a new motorway. The current extent of this has now been reached and we pass under a new bridge not yet in use on an old bearing the camino. Bridges as important in this part of Spain as ever.
Betsy biys a new mug. Up till now she has been using a beaker bought early on our Via de la Plata trip but it is tapered and tends to fall over in the mornings. She hopes to find it a home at a spring/fuente along the Way.

We arrive by 12 at the first possible campsite it is open and in its own little cove. Apparently more costly than the next but Ray needs consideration and the rain is on the way. As ever drying washing is the problem and it becomes a fine judgement when the washing on the line under the tree is getting wetter or dryer!
A lovely site pity about the weather.
16 km a little bit of up and down