16.07.14 Wednesday A Roxica to Sobrano

A short day is our reward after the extra 10km yesterday. We start sfter breakfast about 7.45 and the route climbs very gently by past standards to probably our highest point inn Gallicia about 700m using pleasant tracks and minor roads through country with occasional gritstone boulders. Remarkably soon after starting we see the lake made by the monks of the Sobrado monastry to supply fish and just after that we enter the town itself.
An early finish on a day forcast to reach 28deg C is very welcome. We plan to visit theonastry after lunch.
17km 300m up 400m down.
We visit the 10thC Cistercian monastry in town. This has a checkered history having fallen into disuse once by Royal decree and burnt partially once. Substsntial rebuilding occurred in 17th and 20th centuries it currently in its damp but impressive cloisters houses an alburgue which feeds pilgrims after vespers and accepts donativos. We go to the secular modern alburgue in town. But the monastry is worth a visit for the confusion of archetectural styles if nil else. The day cools slowly. With a large bacon sandwich for tea. Tomorrow is supposed tp be less hot