8.07.14 Tuesday. Cadavero to Otur. Via Luarca.

After s great lazy afternoon in the sun yestetday visiting the little local hermitage on the cliffs we don’t look at the weather forecast for today. It is raining when we pack and continues most of the morning. Walking is along country roads and a great hill climb section to bypass several long hairpin bends. Eventually rain stops as we arrive in Luarca on this section of the C del Norte known as Camino Real or Royal route. The descent overlooks a sizeable harbour and town with the narrow gauge rail track running on a long viaduct around the bsck of the bay.
We get a good lunch from a restaurant in town and some salad for the evening. And climb steeply up the other side. A hour or so sees us in the middie of nowhere past Otur on what we hope will be a quiet little campsite. The only noteworthy thing on this section is a rather smelly billy goat proudly protecting his females.
The raiin has continued on and off all day it is still cloudy so minimal washing is done.
24 km probably less than 600m up and down.