.06.14 Sunday Perdueles to Baro..
We are up at dawn the rain stopped in late evening and the night was fine and dry. Druy tents whooo! Today is Sunday we are gradually realising its Spanish significance. Unlike France shops are often not shut along this coast though since campsites are often week end chalets snd permanents there is a general exodus in the evening and camp bsrs snd shops tend to shut early. There are several villages and a decent town on our route todsy so we have light packs to start with. The air is clear and the Picos de Europa are very clear some ggreat views slong the cliff top path. This limestone country snother similarity to Somerset as well as a cider making heritage. We are alertred to the main attraction of the day by a booming noise. The Bufon de Arenillas blow holes and sinks in the limestone permit the swells grom the Mar Cantabrico or Bay of Biscay to surge up enlafrged cracks in gthe 20m cliffs and produce this noise. Even today with a calm sea it is very loud. With a rough sea waves must surge out of the holes with a noise audible for a mile or more. The route is along the e9 waymarked in the GR style and a grand march across cliff tops it is. We soon get to Llanes a town noted for some Spanish clonial architecture and get coffee and shopping. We intend a menu de dia and a snack evening some shopping is done. And a few more kms and we reach Celorio wirh two campsites within a km or two. The restaurants are set to cater for the sunday trade and we fail to find one that suits. Some more shopping and we are set for anevening meal some two good menus appear. Suddenly we are on a campsite, it is where we are heading. We go to reception and fill inpasport forms etc and get sellos (stamps) for all. We are then told there is no charge for those on foot on Camino. Tony and Tim have only encountered this once before in northern France we express gratitude and thanks and are shown a tight little pitch it is about all that is left on this site of permanent caravans. But hey its free, but the hot water for the showers is not! Some tough it out others get tokens.
22 km less than 600m up and down