11.07.14 Friday Pennarronda to San Xusto de Carbacos (don’t try to find it). Middle of no where.

Most of us sleep well on this site. It is quiet because the owner has decreed this because his wife wanted it that way. Her shrine is at the entrance as the site was her idea. He read the rules at 9.30 pm over the tanoy and everyone went quiet. We did not believe it spaniards on holiday on a campsite in bed asleep by 10pm!!
We get up at our usual time as quietly as possible and boil water for coffee quietly at the gate. Second breakfast in Ribadeo waiting for the supermecado to open. We also take in the Morena family home a classic art noveau pile trying to fall down (the family went bust in the 30s crash. Next door a ex library and another local hero provide Ray with a photo op.
We exit the town hopefully with enough food for the next 24 hrs. As we will be in the middle of sparsely populated Gallicia. Eventually after a good few km of lanes and Eucalyptus forest we arrive at an alburgue. It is not very obviously active. Betsy declines to phone the nimber on the door on the grounds she will not understand the answer and the three spanish girls we overtook are also jeading here. They arrive and phone. The alburgue is closed the next fortunately, is only 2km. We arrive it is empty except for us and the young ladies. There is a shower and limited kitchen facilities. We have arrived.
28km about 900m of up and a bit less down.