7.07.14 Monday. San Pedro de Ribera to Cadavera.
This is billed as a standard day with cliff top and road walking. As we are packing up at 6.30 it starts to rain a hasty check of the forcast shows it msy continue till midday. We wrap up in waterproofs of choice and start off up the tarmac. Leaving the strange arrows outside the campsite, ideas that this might be a portal or matter transporter to Santiago are disappointed or the incantation needed to be in Latin. An unprepossessing start.
Highlights of the day are the Gayo Bar in Santa Marina which has been noted for some time and is not as it turns out, a gay bar, or not obviously to us, but appears just as a coffee stop is needed. Followed by a great bit of coastline up and down into jungle filled ravines and over the trembling bridge. This was apparently a famous medieval wooden bridge that shook when pilgrims crossed. Leading to a French song about who goes first and hopefully another nationality. It was replaced by a stone bridge several hundred years ago but the legend lives on.
After this some great coastal views from green lanes with wild honysuckle and fuchia.
After a while during which Betsy and Tony forge ahead and Ray and Geof refuse to go off road again we arrive in the spread out village of Cadavera. This, inspite of the name has a beating heart! A small but good campsite behind the village shop and bar. Result. The weather is now good with a drying wind and a washing machine.
22km and anything less than 900 m up and down.