14.07.14 Monday Vilalba to Baamonde.

A very good nights sleep inspite of the world cup final. Those who returned from watching . The bar café next door was of course open at 7am it is geared to the industrial estate. Several bars were open in town and so wr were well breakfasted by the time we left the last one. We have been watching the bull running in Pamplona on tv oin the various bars along the way. Those who knew of it believed it was s one or two day affair, but no there is s full week of machismo lunacy. Still the bulls seem to br doing well this year. The really mad bit is the police wanting to question someone filmed taking a selfie in front of the bulls running. Obviously it is perfectly readonable behaviour to run along wet cobbled streets infront of a dozen or so aggravated bulls but not to stop and take your photo while doing it. Still great street theatre.
We meet storks prowling the fields for the first time this trip and Ray and Geof get to hear the beak clacking display guarding a nest. There are a lot pf unpleasant dogs fortunately all chained on this section along farm tracks and minor roads. Many farm tracks and some bioldings are built or walled with local slate slabs. We cross the motorway seversal times one reminds us just how far we have come and the alburgue tonight leavrs us with just over 100km to go, probably 5 more days till Santiago.
A good lunch in a local long established restaurant is finished with coffee with some sort of spirit mixed in from a mysterious bottle. Betsy declines and warns she will leave us tomorrow if we are incapable. Sadly this is unlikely as she is suffering from a nasty blister. Suprising after all these weeks.
24km 350m up 400m down.