19.07.14 Santiago.

19.07.14 Saturday SANTIAGO.
Post by Geof and Ray .Tim rebelled at the last.
The weather gods had one last try to remind us why this is Green Spain, thunder & lightening overnight and steady rain for the last few kilometres into Santiago. We passed the enormous sculpture on Monto Gozo celebrating the Pope’s visitation and then traipsed through town to queue for our tickets to heaven, our certificates our compostelas to commemorate our pilgrimage. Choice of Catholic, spiritual or secular but all now in full colour and for a small additional donativo or donation, they include the total distance (1741 km) for four out of five. We joined the queues to see the silver coffin containing St James’ bones, Ray to fondle his statue and deposit his (shared) stone representing his earthly sins but between us we have killed more between us than James Bond; hopefully motive will count at those pearly gates……
Manolo’s restaurant provided an excellent if speedy lunch and we were soon out on the historic streets of Santiago awash with pilgrims, sticks, rucksacks and waterproofs. This is clearly a city that has become rich through its association with St James with its old buildings covered in bling.
A visit to the life size ststues of 2 ladies in the park (Doris and Ethel), an ice cream on the long walk back to the campsite under the trees with the smell of eucalyptus.
No more walking with a heavy pack, we have completed our walk and there is a slightly silly end of term feel, and of course we have our Pilgrim graduation certificates to take home. We anticipate the novelty of clean underwear each week and only a modest alcohol intake to give our livers chance to recover.
One more day here, planning to tour the cathedral roof if weather clement then off to A Coruna and the flight home on Monday. Have to relearn that the traffic is from the left when we cross the road.
Geoff & Ray