17.07.14 Thursday Sobrado to Arzua.
Arzua where the Camino del Norte meets the Camino Francais is where things heat up there are many times more people travelling the main camino than are walking thee coadtal northerm route. We expect an average day in terms of distance and interest. In the event we have a pleasant walk if a bit too much tarmac in the later part and find a salamander walking across the road and after a full photo call set him to one side hoping it was the one he wanted. He is out because the mists of Gallicia were in full flood with a small complec front coming in from the atlantic and a hot day yesterday the air is saturated with water and we experience the phenomenon of rain only under the trees as dew condenses on their cooler upper leaves.
We also find a small village church which claims to have 12 thC murals of iconographic importance. Betsy talks to the man in the kiosk opposite who unlocks for us. It is the last supper on the wall round behind the altar. We wonder how many times it hss been restored ovre yhe 8-9 centiries since its lorigin. So after an average day of 23km with 500m hained 300m lost we enter Arzua and pass the municipal albergue with in excess of 30 peole waiting for it to open and reach The Milky Way or Via Lactea a very nice comercial albergue at 10 € per night.
We go out for a beer to the main square which eventually Tim regocnises from the first camino. Well it is 6years and Betsy and Tony have been more recently. Following lunch on the rear terrace of Via Lactea nothing is heard but the gentle sussuration associated with tired pilgrims. Siesta is here.
A good average day on the camino