1.07 14

1.07.14 Tuesday Ribadesella to Calunga.
It rained in the night, the forcast is for rain but hey its not raining now. But it starts soon and we spend the day in our various wateeproofs. The good news is its not hot so we walk at a fair rate.
The feature of the day is the Horreo, this is a building on stilts common in Gallicia but we have not seen them in Asturias before. Unlike the Gallician long norrow horreo the Asturias betsion is square. Why this should be is the subject of discussion. Opinions vary from, “cos”, to the more erudite, its like “speciation by geographic separation”. Who knows? There are lots but few usef for their traditional purpose of grain or maize storage.
We get to Calunga early but our next documented camping or accomodation is another 18 km away we stumble into a sideria (yes a place selling cider) and discuss the situation Betsy plays her joker and forbids this foolhardiness so we have lunch in an excellent place where Geof charges his phone, Tony eyes up the main electric board behind him and Ray speculates on walking the camino dressed as Xaphod Beeblebrox. We stagger the remaining km and a half down the road to the campsite. The bar in town is open for breakfast at 7am so a light snack for later is obtained from the supermarket and off we go.
20 km not a lot pf up and down