.07.14 Wednesday. Otur to Cartavio.
A very good night not even a ghost train to disturb our rest. The csmpsite man who wad very helpful in trying to see whether the next possible campsite existed or was an extint virtual presence on some two year old lists and the internet, expected to be busier next week. We should be out of campsites and on the home strait in Gallician alburgues by then. We are up and away in cloud with threatening rain that never really happens but is sufficient to scare some into waterproofs. The auto route is a close companion and we cross and descend on tracks built for its construction. A fine viaduct leads us past a house that must be owned by a fellow pilgrim come to rest, it is surrounded by bizarre camino and St James memorabilia evoking memories of Lourdes and its multiple souvenir shops.
The rapidly changing face of caminos in Spain is well shown by the traditional Asturian waymarker almost concealed by a new crash barrier.
After a while on the main N634 in Villapedra we get the best second breakfast yet, coffee ffresh orange juice and a pork sandwich for 3€. You know it will be good when the bar is full of men in hi viz jackets!
The town of Navia is not much further and the helpful tourist office fail to confirm the existence of the ghostly campsite. We are aiming for a hotel in Cartavio but spare a euro for a man playing Asturian pipes (probably badly) on the way out of town.
The day steadily brightens up and we arrive in time for lunch and a siesta before a bit of s wander.
21 km 500m up and down