13.07.14 Domingo Sunday. Abadin to Vilalba..
Well! It was as bad as expected. The disco started about 11 pm and finished 3.30 am. The real problem was the bass line that produced a curious resonance with the screwed shut windows. We did get breakfast unexpectedly all in at 15 € per room, mouse droppings included. Five dazed pilgrims wondered across the countryside to a bridge over a pleasant stream where we failed to set light to anything, surprisingly, while making more coffee and eating the Magdelanas and orange juice we bought yesterday.
There is supposedly little of interest today. Maybe an old bridge or two and a few churches, it is classic Gallician country but strangely flat. This after yesterday is good and a short day to boot. First photo from yesterday the cathedral at Montenedo.
The bridges of all sizes materialise. One is 17 C. Others may originally be older but are lost in antiquity. The whole route reaks of age. A very well preserved double sided cross is probably a few hundred years old.Finally a fine graveyard or ossuary catches our eye on the outskirts of Vilalba and we sopn find the modern alburgue on the edge of the industrial estate. It is open the restaurant next door is not so another 4km in and out of town for food.
23 km not including lunch and less than 400m up and down. We also have the event today that the group has completed 1000miles today on the walk since starting oin Le Puy En Velay.