Extra Villa Rabacal.

Villa Rabacal.
The princely sum of €1.5 each allowed us to view the many roman finds in the local museum before a guided tour of the Villa Vicosa de Rabacal from which the objects had been excavated. The villa was a km down the road and the bargain price even included transport for Betsy with the guide. The villa dated from the 4th century AD and was an unusual octagonal shape. It had many beautiful mosaic floors – our guide swept the protective covering of sand off two of them to let us see. If enough funds are ever found a permanent shelter will be built so that all the mosaics can be left uncovered. The little we could see on site together with carved marble friezes and lattices in the museum made us all agree that it must have been a beautiful house – its location in fertile farmland with good views of the surrounding countryside made a 1600 year old dream home.